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ODOCO : A New way to find an office space for you!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all doing good! Just like my one of the previous posts on Paper Nest, a company that makes handmade paper products, I am back again with yet another Indian company and its idea towards building a sustainable lifestyle that we, and our future generations deserve.

I welcome ODOCO Technologies to my blog today and would like to introduce them to all of you. Their company has a very unique idea of sharing office space which in turn helps in saving space along with affordability.

We have heard about people sharing transport, so what if we share office too? Won’t it be great!

If you visit their website, you will be able to browse through a variety of office spaces available at your desired location along with affordable prices. Read on to find out in details more about this unique venture!



What is ODOCO?

They are an online community of co-working space users (tenants) and owners to help them discover each other and facilitate co working.

What is Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and how ODOCO is using it to facilitate Co-working?

For ages people have paid brokers while deciding to rent a space, mostly for solving a problem for both the tenant and owner. This unwanted cost inflates prices and can lead to many issues for everyone while doing a deal, especially short term ones like for Co working spaces. P2P is famous because of the phenomenal effect it had on music industry. ODOCO uses the same terminology, as it’s goal is to bridge the gap between users and owners allowing them to simply discover each other but then to deal directly and independently when making a transaction.

Who can register?

Anyone who has extra space in his or her office, even one desk works! Though the average listing has about 60 seats we are very keen to list the smaller spaces as well! We are regularly listing the existing shared spaces and have started approaching cafes that have lean periods and would like to try giving out their spaces during working hours.
ODOCO makes sure through a verification process that each space comes with necessary amenities like; WiFi, clean workspace, good lighting, something to drink and clean washrooms.

How does it work?

Owners can register their spaces on their website for free along with their contact details, pricing, pictures, location, timings, amenities, user reviews and other office specifications. This is then attractively displayed to users in an easy to use user interface. The user has the option to contact the owners directly over the phone or WhatsApp message. Owners can also choose to get notifications when a user has searched for a space in their area allowing them to follow-up with users and close the deal.

Current Inventory?

ODOCO has listed 200+ offices across 6 cities and lists about 4 new offices everyday. The inventory consists of Shared Offices, Co-working Spaces, Business Centers and Cafés, with a per seat inventory of over 13,000.

ODOCO’s future plans?

The platform aims to list over 800 spaces across 9 cities with approximately, 40,000 seats by the end of 2018.
Owners will be able to purchase premium plans that will allow them to get more exposure and better conversion rates though the platform.
Users will have an option to personalize their profiles giving space owners a more in-depth view about who they are and what their business is all about. This creates transparency for owners so they can get a brief about whom they are letting into their space before they connect.
Users will be able to view other user profiles as well which will help when searching for a partner, customer, employee or entrepreneur that would be interesting to work with, increasing the community view of their platform.



Visit the website of ODOCO :

Watch this short video below to have a compact idea of what you just read above :



What I think of ODOCO?

Honestly, I’m truly amazed by this unique idea. Yes, there are sites that offer spaces on rent but none that you can share with others? Think about it, you get your own office, you get other people to talk to so you won’t really be going solo, you will always have company. And now think about the prices. If you visit their website, you will be able glad to know how achievable everything is. I support this venture on logic, price, innovation, and idea!







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