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Seasons : Homemade and Handcrafted Chocolates

It’s funny how food plays with your mood and makes it sway like dandelions in the wind, as you lose yourself in indulgence. But today, I’m not talking about just any food. I’m talking about dark, brown chunks of a solid (or sometimes liquid) that sweeps us all off our feet the second it melts in our mouth and releases all the oxytocin that makes us believe that we are indeed falling in love. Guessed already? Of course, Chocolate it is! 🍫



Over the course of time, we have witnessed changes, revolutions and finally evolutions that have paved the path to a future where every thing thought can be served readily on the plate right before you. So today, I’m featuring another Indian Company who had started small by making baby steps, and now hold an important position in the newly evolved market of homemade and handcrafted chocolates.
Readers, here I welcome with all my pleasure, Seasons : The Creative Hub into all of our hearts.


🍫How they began :

Seasons started in the month of December, 2012 from Home. Their love and passion for chocolates made them experiment on this love drug and soon that got them selling a decent number of orders. Now that they have improved on their recipes, they have a chocolate boutique of their own and a huge online market where customers from around all the corners of India order in bulk (because little would never suffice, trust me!)


That’s the fun part. They have chocolates ranging from 50 INR to over 5000 INR depending on the amount of your order. Cheap, don’t you think?

🍫What are the delicacies?

Seasons had started with chocolate cubes and bouquets but now, they have ventured into chocolate hampers, gift boxes and anything that you would like them to make especially for you!

🍫What kind of orders do they accept?

1. Corporates for customised chocolate boxes with their logos .

2.Weddings – They make different flavoured chocolates for wedding servings and also exclusive bouquets for the same ( which goes in trousseau ).

3. Chocolate hampers – design exclusive tin chocolate hampers with assorted chocolate flavours.

4. Chocolate bouquets – is a daily pick up product types. Have exclusive range and variety in different colours and patterns.

5. Birth announcement hampers.

6. And of course, they would gladly accept your personal orders too. (After all, it’s difficult to share, right? 😅)

🍫What I think about Seasons?

I have tasted the delish chocolate balls in the box in the picture above. All of them are of unique and different flavours made with rich, dark chocolate. My personal favourite is the flavour of ‘Very Berry’. It was enticing enough to make me keep wanting more. Matters got worse when my younger brother decided to intervene and after that a fight ensued. Okay, I don’t even wanna talk about it 🤐

Anyway, so some of the other delicious flavours were ‘Crispy Nut’, ‘Fruit and nut’, ‘Nutty’, ‘Crunchy Caramel’ and ‘Rocher Ball’. Now even thinking of them is making me drool. I wish I could have more 😭 *cries internally*….

🍫How to contact them?

You can call them at : +91 9080205924
Or connect with them on their socials :
Instagram : @seasons_the_creative_hub
Facebook :
Their Email id is :

They are based in Chennai, but they ship all over India! 💖

Now tell me, do you love chocolates? What is your favourite flavour? 😍









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