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Macobrew : Cold Brew coffee to the rescue

The best new coffee is in town. Are you ready for it?

Hey Everyone, welcome to TheGirlOnTheOnGo’s Blog. As you already know, I am a big fan of hot beverages and anything that’s out of the ordinary finds its place here on my blog where I feature it and showcase it to my dear readers. I am glad to reveal that this time I have discovered a brand new coffee brand which is already a big sensation among all the coffee lovers. Here I introduce all to,

Macobrew! ☕

India has been a tea and coffee hub but most of the population is deprived of the best produce, maximum of which is exported. Macobrew intends to change this scenario by bringing coffee in its most purest and healthiest form, that is, cold brew.

“Macobrew Coffee is characterised by notes of Caramel, Dark Chocolate and Toasted Nuts. Our single origin Arabica beans are hand-picked and roasted by one of the only 25 Coffee-Q-Graders in India, guaranteeing exceptional flavour and quality”

– Mr. Anand Jodh , Founder

This cold brew coffee is made from twice the grounds and a much longer extraction process. Derived from the most exotic Arabic beans, with no bitterness, chemicals and low acidity, this coffee can be enjoyed in your desired form with hot milk or cold over ice. They are packed in filter bags especially imported from Germany which can last over 40 hours of brewing.

Macobrew states 6 reasons why cold brew is better than normal coffee :

1. Caffeine Content

Macobrew serves to provide a coffee to water ratio of 1:60 which competes with the normal drip coffee ratio of 1:20. So the high caffeine content is quite evident!

2. Acidity

Since heat is not used in the brewing process, there is little acid content in the coffee which makes it ideal for consumption for the people with sensitive stomachs.

3. Lose Weight

Yes, you read that just right. A cup of cold brew post a workout session increases the after-burn effect which helps you burn more fat in the process. Brownie points earned! 😉

4. Get Smarter

Well of course, why not? The caffeine content increases the blood flow to your brain which in turn boosts your cognitive function.

5. Live Long

Who doesn’t want to? Recent research has stated that a cup of cold brew can potentially improve health, increase insulin sensitivity and prevent dementia. One cold brew for me please! 🖐🏼

6. Look Younger

C’mon now, what’s the secret?! Hint : It starts with “A” 😉
Antioxidants in a cup of cold brew protects your skin from the harmful effects of the uv rays of Sun, helping your skin look more supple, moisturised and youthful!



Well well well, now you know what to choose! 😍



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