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Book Review : A Matter of Nurture by August Von Orth

Title : A Matter of Nurture

Author : August Von Orth

Publisher : Neo-Opsis Science fiction magazine

Story :

Dani Díaz is a virtuoso in a dark but necessary profession. Or is she? A job gone horribly wrong makes her doubt everything she thought she knew, including her own identity.

Review :

I never really thought I would ever read a science fiction Canadian magazine. Thanks to my fellow blogger, I received this beautiful copy of Neo-Opsis where his story has been published.

Titled A Matter of Nurture, this story is about Dani Diaz, a trained assassin under the Special Skills Bureau of the CIA. It sounds apparently normal until the murky secrets begin to unravel.

In such a few words, the author has beautifully portrayed the character of Dani. Has she really been made into the person that she is today, or has she always been like that?
I loved the secretive plot and I swear I read the whole story in a breath. The tension was intense, and though the climax was abrupt (which means I didn’t see that coming), it was quite fulfilling.

The quirky dialogues, the impeccable
writing style and the richness of literature was oozing out of the text which accentuated my reading experience a thousand times over. This story is a good example of how memories shape our personalities and make us who we are. Yes, genes are powerful but sometimes it is indeed just a matter of nurture!

In a nutshell, I would like to acknowledge that I feel honoured that I was offered a chance to review this amazing magazine and this extraordinary story. After this, I would definitely like to read and discover more science fiction stories for I have realised I had been missing out on a lot without this genre.

I would rate this story 5 out of 5 Stars. There was nothing that I did not like about it. Being a thriller junkie and an ardent fan of action, this has simply been a treat. This story has the potential of being stretched into a novel and even adapted to a series. I would recommend it to one and all.




I earnestly thank the author for a copy of this magazine.



Visit his website here.

Visit Neo-Opsis Magazine here.




About the Author :

August von Orth writes Speculative Fiction using bleeding-edge science as a crucible to create a fresh perspective on the human experience. His style is highly immersive, exploring reality-altering themes from deep within characters who suffer the consequences.

August von Orth is the pen name for Robert August, Ph.D, whose scientific writings are published under his given name. He created August von Orth to set-apart his more artistic output. The name also honors the memory of his mother, Pauline Louise August (nee Orth), 1934-1994. In German, von is a preposition which approximately means of or from, and usually refers to a geographic place. Ignoring standard usage, here he uses von to mean genetically and physically from his mother. So August von Orth honors the fact that he is an August from an Orth. She remains his first, and most passionate, fan.





Review by ©TheGirlOnTheOnGo


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