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Book Review : The Girl With The Red Lipstick by Rakshitha Govindaraju

Title : The Girl With The Red Lipstick

Author : Rakshitha Govindaraju

Publisher : Olympia Publishers

Pages : 179

ISBN : 978-1-78830-257-9

Story :
The stains of tobacco and the pungent scent don’t choke me anymore. I know where I am and yet I feel trapped. Sharing a bed with men I’ve never seen before is a routine now. The scars on my skin scream of pain and yet I smile with an attempt to please him. Even though I do it every day, it scares me every single time. With each time a part of me breaks. And there she stands, making my life even more miserable. That expensive red lipstick and a joint between her lips. All I know is, that I’m not afraid of the pain. But I do fear that I will get used to this someday. Is there a way out? Is someone listening?

Review :

Okay, that was a lot to take in and absolutely not what I was expecting. The story is about Jhanvi and her perilous journey from being Jhanvi to Mallika. The plot deals with serious issues like prostitution and how women are still forced into this business. I really liked the premise and how the whole story was flowing in first person narration.

The plot could have been a predictable one if not for that unexpected turn of events towards the end. I did not see that coming! Initially, it came as a total shocker but then I realised how the author had infused mini hints through various chapters before.

So now the story was not only about prostitution but also about the lgbtq community. Two very strong concepts have been put together and woven into a story. I absolutely enjoyed the fast pace but I would like to share some constructive criticism. I would have loved greater details and may be a little more of literature. Sometimes the narration felt offbeat and disconnected and a few chapters ended abruptly.

Would rate this book 3 out of 5 Stars. If we overlook the above quoted points then I would say it was a great and very brave an attempt by the author to address such serious stereotypical, social issues. I could easily discern her message through this story of betrayal, love and acceptance and acknowledge her efforts in trying to bring a change in our otherwise rigid system.




I thank the publisher for a copy!



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