Crossroads (poetry)

Wrote a poem after a long time. Constructive criticism invited 🙂


Do you know why we met?

We waved, we smiled, only to part ways.

Why the warmth of an amity yonder, why the cheers of a fruitless banter?

Like two souls on crossroads in a beguiled summer,

Where tangents meet and disappear thereafter!

Friends then, strangers now,

Does it ever hurt, the silence in our cold stares?

How easy it is to lose it all,

How very surreal to believe it was never meant to be?

Is this what it is like,

To be stung by a cruel destiny steeped in melancholy?

And what if we slipped back through a hole in time,

Would you still be brave foolish enough to give us another try?





©TheGirlOnTheOnGo 2019| Sayantoni

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