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Book Review : A Season of Shooting Stars by Dhaval Rathod

Title : A Season of Shooting Stars

Author : Dhaval Rathod

About :

No one ever only gets the daylight.

This night sky is ours too.

Let’s claim it and light it up!

A Season of Shooting Stars is a constellation of verses pulled together to adorn the night sky of our lives and affect our souls in a positive and empathetic manner.

The poems explore an array of deeply felt emotions like love and its light, heartbreak and dealing with it, and healing. They also address a range of themes like the universe and its unmistakable methods, God and His expectations, life and its partnership with us, this world and our indisputable place in it.

For the purpose of enhanced stargazing, the book is divided into five skies – Heart, Universe, God and Life. The fifth one is your soul.

Review :

A Season of Shooting Stars is a beautiful collection of poetry that can easily touch your heart. Personally, I read, write and enjoy poetry so this book has been a perfect treat for me.

It has all the elements that I look for in a poetry compilation and the presentation has been done quite beautifully too. There are cute illustrations every now and then when you turn the pages, so it was quite fun and soothing along the way.

The poems are an ode to the Universe, whose influence and gravity is completely undeniable; to the Women who are whose inner strength and capability can even defy the power of those who claim upperhand, to the lover whose existence is everything, and to Time, whose value can never be taken for granted.

Through these beautiful verses, the author could successfully portray his love for the Universe and the one who is his “Universe”. So I think the purpose has been served.

I would like to conclude this review with a verse from this book that I really liked.

She was a lioness
who quietly pranced into my heart.
And then, with a roar
swiftly tore it apart.”

My rating is 3.75 which I rounded off to 4 ✨

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