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Are You an Author or Publisher looking for Book Publicity?

Hey there,

If you are an Author or a Publisher who wants to promote his/her book, I have just the right offer for you.

I’m venturing into a new service where I will manage and assist any author’s book marketing in order to help one receive the maximum coverage.

So what can we do?


Book tours are a thing these days and an excellent technique to promote your book in the most efficient way possible. I will curate 7(or more) unique bloggers for you who would throw the spotlight on your book across a pre-designated time period of 7 days (consecutively). You will be responsible for shipping the books to the bloggers and that’s about it. The rest will all be seen through by me. The main advantage that you’ll have is that you can choose your audience. The tour can be Country specific or International as per your choice and requirement.


This is a more simplistic approach to book promotions where I will offer 7 copies (or more if you choose to) to all the bloggers interested and choose the best from the lot. You will be responsible for shipment here as well and rest will be done by me. Geographical liberty will again be rendered.

While ‘book tours’ may not guarantee reviews, only ‘book reviews’ may render the whole thing uninteresting. So choose wisely according to your needs.

We will create, and curate a package especially for you. All tailor-made and personalised.

If you have further questions you may send an email to me via this CONTACT PAGE.

If you want to market /publicise your book, fill in the same form in this CONTACT PAGE.

You can send a DM on my Instagram too.

Good luck!

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