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There’s a Bollywood song that we used to love and dance to when we were kids, probably in middle school. It’s called “Pappu can’t dance”. Now that we’re all grown ups, it hit me suddenly. Was that song really worth our praises? And then I came across this meme questioning the same. I guess we all are thinking along the same lines now.

Basically the song ridicules this unknown, random guy called Pappu who apparently can’t dance. A bunch of other kids (the ones on whom the movie is) are dancing around him and making fun of him. However, the first “Pappu” shocks them out of their minds as he starts grooving around his booty to the beats. So what to do now? The college kids find a new target, and calls him “Pappu” who can’t dance. I mean c’mon! What were we thinking back then? Enjoying a song that’s actually so degrading.

Sometimes a person doesn’t even realise that he/she’s a bully. They come up with excuses like ” he had it coming “, “she’s all cool about it”, “it’s just light fun”, and it is then that things turn pitch dark. It’s a world within a world where reality is distorted and reason ceases to exist. Like it did for us too. We only identify bullying when it’s done on an institutional level, but what about the times when it’s done as a pure joke and we’re expected to suck it up? Classmates can make fun of a fellow classmate because his hair’s turning gray prematurely! Can call him “dadu” which translates to “grandfather”. Are we supposed to ignore that ’cause it’s supposedly light fun? And to top it all off, relatives play quite a bigger part in this traditional bullying too. “Oh God, you have gained weight son!” , ” Did you stay out in the sun too long, you look darker!”, ” Why don’t you color your hair, doesn’t it bother you?”

There’s another song called BOY IN THE BUBBLE by Alec Benjamin. And this song actually talks about the recurring cycle of bullies. That is, how bullies create bullies or why bullies are bullies. However I believe it’s not true for all. Some people bully simply because they can and in most cases, there’s nobody around to show them that what they’re doing is wrong. And in fact, some bullies need medical help just as much as the victims do.

We need to be more careful and cautious about what we’re watching, listening to, especially what the kids are watching. They should be taught that it’s never cool to make fun of others, because a light joke can amount to terrible consequences sometimes.

Take a deep breath, and call the bullies out. Nobody’s supposed to put up with that. #saynotobullying

If you have inspiring comeback stories, feel free to share them in the comments. ♥️

22 thoughts on “Bullying”

  1. I never though one can have a comparision of this kind. Bollywood, tends to inspire a lot of youths in a county like India, but I never thought that this song (which was ment to dance along) will spread Bully culture. Well penned thoughts!

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  2. This is a great post! I have this acquainted friend during high school who was always teased by our other guy friends. We then graduated and he came to the same school as mine, but he had another program so we weren’t that close anymore and he spoke to me one time how I was part of the “bullying” and how it hurt him (and I think it was somehow my fault being an enabler and not doing anything about it because I was dumb and still young and he wasn’t technically a part of our circle, but I still knew him, he was my seatmate for a while back then), and then I apologized to him and if I had known better those days I wouldn’t let anyone get bullied. I was part of those enablers who tolerate small jokes from others. And you’re totally right, we only take part in institutionalized bullying and not taking account of those offensive jokes. Luckily, people grow better and I’m happy we got connected again and he accepted my apology. Now we’re really good friends and this post made me think about him. ❤ Cheers!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m sure what you did back then was not done consciously but it’s really good to realise if things could have been done differently. I’m very happy to hear that you two are good friends now ♥️

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  3. Last time I went home (I’m 30 something) the first thing out of my dad’s mouth was “you put weight on!” Not even hi first! I told him to get the heck lost 😂 and now have a fun story to tell people forever. Not inspiring but I just encourage people to let it roll off. Pappu showed them all, right?

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