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Malice by Keigo Higashino

Have you ever looked Malice in the eye? Felt its cold stare seep through your skin as it ensnared your heart in a cold embrace? It’s an emotion unlike any other. Some mistake it for hatred, but I don’t believe so. Hatred is different, it doesn’t hide itself and it’s somewhat bold. Malice, might as well be a distant cousin, but nothing like Hatred. Hatred is the one often misunderstood. It knows no treachery and is validated at some point. However, one can’t speak the same for Malice.

Sometimes it’s there right in front of you but you cannot see it. Doesn’t that make it way more complicated? Morphed like shape shifters, it often crawls into spaces, in the gaps between memories, and hairline faults in relationships, marking its domain. Hiding. Waiting. But it doesn’t remain tethered to a person. It creeps, often leaps to another. Like a hypnotic chain of despair and gloom, it spreads its wings and shrouds its prey. We often mirror this viciousness, make it our own and give it all back. It’s an incantation, eerie and silent, that murmurs in itself until all you can hear is its raspy, cold whispers in your ears. You get used to it eventually and it becomes a part of you. Malice, is not what you think it is. Its contagious.
On another note, read this beauty by Keigo Higashino. Meet Malice, its strong embodiment makes for an entity in itself.

Have you read any book where the emotions are just too much to handle?

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