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Work In Progress (poem)

Wrote something after ages….

It’s a world running on the mechanical whim,
With broken parts, fidgeting at the hinges;
Stupor – you begin to fall in and fall out,
The sound of music now a distant hum;
You wake up at night, no moon, no light,
You’re scared, you’re alone.

Sleep, it should do the trick,
Something inside twists and breaks;
You trail through the wakeful feat,
Tossing and turning, you take deep breaths;
You open your eyes, morning gleam seeps through the cracks in dazes,
You think about the night, it’s a blur of blue and black.

Your bedsheet’s cold, your pillow’s wet,
Deep seated eyes, face is a work in progress;
Outside, you stumble, the light is too bright,
A momentary disgrace, silent stares sting the air;
They greet you in a haze, stifling yawns,
When you force a premeditated grin and let it suffice.

©Sayantoni | TheGirlOnTheGo’s Blog

Constructive Criticism encouraged. 🙂

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