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Book Review : A Cup Of Tea by Ark Goyal

Title : A Cup Of Tea
Author : Ark Goyal
Publisher : Notionpress
Pages : 58 Genre : Poetry

A Cup Of Tea by Ark Goyal is a collection of poems that rings true with every letter, syllable, word and feelings it conjures. I was pleasantly impressed by these poems as each and everyone of them sang about something or someone we think of from time to time. The theme is life and everything remotely related to it. The poems portray and discuss people we love, our failures, depression, love, and seasons.

Talking about the style and creativity, I think it was beautifully transparent and poignant.
In terms of originality, it stood out because of the unique, and subtle titles the author came up with for each of his poems.
For instance, there’s this poem called “Decalcomania”. It talks about identity crisis which often leads to mirroring others, or assuming someone else’s personality. And there’s another called “Vanilla Expectancy” which talks about summer and its coy charm.

I loved how the harmony of words played along creating a tune that’s customised just for the reader.
After the first few poems, it gets quite personal and relatable. I also enjoyed the imageries which were at times quite profound and often delectable.

A Cup Of Tea is charming, poignant and starkly relatable. Would definitely recommend it.

Buy it from Amazon here.

Buy it from Notionpress here.

4 thoughts on “Book Review : A Cup Of Tea by Ark Goyal”

  1. Hey, that sounds like a beautiful book. DO you also review story books, I have written one, also avl on notionpress and amazon. Will send you the pdf, or you can let me know if you are ok, reviewing. Thank you!

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