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Book Review : Blood On The Sands by Sujata Sabnis

Title : Blood On The Sands
Author : Sujata Sabnis
Publisher : Amaryllis Publishing
Pages : 224
Genre : Thriller

Story :

Quiet and beautiful Mankor stays in Kuran, the last Indian village on the Indo-Pak border, with her two children, Samar and Ranu. Her husband Virender is a tracker at the BSF headquarters in Rapar.

Virender returns home during Navratri, triumphant after nabbing Shaukat, a member of a dangerous cross-border gang involved in a terror plot against India. But there are some terrible news awaiting Virender in Kuran. Are there murky secrets that threaten to destroy his family? And what are those haunting voices that whisper about a horrifying kill?

When a brutal murder takes place under mysterious circumstances, Virender’s boss, Commandant Ranbir connects it to the minute-by-minute unravelling terror plot. But was he overlooking something? Then, little Ranu goes missing. Ranbir finds himself chasing red herrings in a race against time to find her and foil a terror plot.

As chilling secrets tumble out, the end is more sinister than you can ever imagine.

Instagram : @thegirlonthego_reads

Review :

Blood On The Sands is a fast paced, racey thriller that takes place in Kuran, the last Indian Village on the Indo-Pak border.

The setting of the story itself is the killer shot. The Rann of Kutch has always tantalized me with its foreboding, yet vivacious expanse and this is the first time that I read a story based there.

The exhilarating plot gallops along the lines of murder, terrorism and suspense. The characters are all imbibed with a sense of clandestinity, which was at times overpowering, catering to a spillover image. However, that did work for the most part as the suspense built up to an orchestrated climax.

It was a short read, yet quite exciting and the writing style turned the entire serving up a notch. If you’re into thrillers, shady characters, and twisted endings, go for it.

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