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Book Review : Artima’s Travels by E.A. Dustin

Title : Artima’s Travels
Author : EA Dustin
Publisher : Verify, LLC
Pages : 315
Genre : Scifi

Story :

Set in the near future. The world has begun to recover from the pandemic when news of a missile misfiring in the Pacific rocks the nation once more. The Navy seeks out the leading software expertise of Artificial Intelligence Systems Enterprises (AISE). AISE’s chief engineer Artima “Arty” Ressols is leading the charge to track down the culprit while at times running into unexpected obstacles: people closest to her.

Instagram : @thegirlonthego_reads

Review :

~Artima’s Travels~

When it comes to one’s Country and People, will overrides fear. In Artima’s Travels by EA Dustin, we find a bold and relentless heroin in Artima, an ingenious engineer who works for AISE.

The premise is ever so relatable as the author sketches a backdrop of a post-pandemic world. However, things take a turn for the worse when there’s rocket misfire in the Pacific. Horns of dilemma!

I absolutely loved the character of Artima. She’s not only intelligent, but also extraordinarily brave and there’s a leader in her. These characteristics were well portrayed through her actions and decision making choices.

Coming to the plot, the world-building is a fabulous science fiction with a touch of reality embedded in the base. The technicalities were all thorough and no doubt put together through immense research. The narrative is extremely fast paced, and helps building up that adrenaline rush.

Artima’s Travels sparkles with an evocative trance that takes the reader on a whirlwind ride where reality and fiction collide!

4 Stars 🌟

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