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Book Review : Suffering And Sentiments by Jeffrey Robb (poetry)

Title : Suffering And Sentiments
Author : Jeffrey Robb
Publisher : Independently published
Pages : 209
Genre : Poetry

About :

Suffering and Sentiments is a collection of poems and illustrations about mental illness, pain, life, love, and imagination.

Instagram : @thegirlonthego_reads

Review :

Suffering And Sentiments immediately hints at its theme with its title. And when one reads through the contents, he realizes that it quite justifies it so.

First of all, let me thank the author for providing us with a trigger warning right at the beginning. I’m sure it would be quite helpful to readers who might wanna avoid some themes that might be disturbing.

Grief forms the central part of all the poems. Well not just grief, there are also hidden undertones of regret. When you read the poems, you’ll not find a specific narrator. It will feel like you wrote them yourselves. So yes, these are quite relatable. Gender has nothing to do with the relatability, it’s just how it means to be a human as a whole. Our woes, worries, lamentation, and redemption.

Some of them fell flat for me. Not because they didn’t make sense but because they somehow lacked novelty. But there were a few which resonated deeper.

And to top it all, there were simple yet sketchy illustrations every now and then. That definitely enhanced the entire reading experience and induced visualization.

There were uses of a few metaphors that I liked. And the rhythm added to efficacy of the syntax of the verses.

There are poems that are relatable, and there are poems that seem to have been written just for you. If you want to experience the latter, please do pick up this book. It is wholesome.

》》Trigger Warning : anxiety, depression, medication use, suicide and death.

About the Author :

Jeffrey Robb is the author of Introspections From a Clouded Mind & Suffering and Sentiments. He’s also a hobbyist photographer residing in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Jeffrey wishes to enlighten others about mental health issues through his poetry from the viewpoint of someone suffering from depression, anxiety and more.

Visit his blog for more info.

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