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Book Review : The Girl And The Stars by Mark Lawrence

Title : The Girl And The Stars
Author : Mark Lawrence
Publisher : Harper Voyager
Pages : 384
Genre : Fantasy

Story :

In the ice, east of the Black Rock, there is a hole into which broken children are thrown.

On Abeth the vastness of the ice holds no room for individuals. Survival together is barely possible. No one survives alone.

To resist the cold, to endure the months of night when even the air itself begins to freeze, requires a special breed. Variation is dangerous, difference is fatal. And Yaz is not the same.

Yaz is torn from the only life she’s ever known, away from her family, from the boy she thought she would spend her days with, and has to carve out a new path for herself in a world whose existence she never suspected. A world full of difference and mystery and danger.

Yaz learns that Abeth is older and stranger than she had ever imagined. She learns that her weaknesses are another kind of strength. And she learns to challenge the cruel arithmetic of survival that has always governed her people.

Only when it’s darkest you can see the stars.

Instagram : @thegirlonthego_reads

Review :

Somewhere to East of the Black rock, children are thrown into an ice pit. This pit is called the Pit of the Missing. The one’s who are inspected but fail to cross the bar of surviving in the cruel, white cold. Everything is endured in silence, for it ensures that the tribe would last decades and perhaps centuries more.

Yaz, the girl who’s born for greatness and suffering knows it for sure that she’s broken. Slowly, she braces herself for the inevitable. Can she survive the pit?

I’ve been mesmerized by the world building and the vivid descriptions of a place so harsh and cold that human habitation is almost impossible. The characters are so beautifully crafted that it’s not hard to imagine their dreams and predicaments. The pacing really backfired though. Everything takes time to develop. A lot of t i m e. I needed more action in lesser time intervals. Suspense was in abundance, so that made up for it a little. I think a lot of details was being put together at once to introduce the story background to the readers. That might be a little responsible for the uneven pacing.

I loved the story, and the cliffhanger only made it better. I want to know what happens next. But the good news is, book 2 is already out. I love when a fantasy is well assembled, and this one definitely didn’t disappointed under that pretext.


3 thoughts on “Book Review : The Girl And The Stars by Mark Lawrence”

  1. This sounds really good!! The plot is actually getting me excited to go back to books I enjoyed but let other things take my attention away from as it comes across as a great escape and I had forgotten the feeling within a book like that 💫 Hope you can get your hands on book two! 🙌


  2. Thank you for taking the time to share and this book. I hadn’t heard of this book before reading your review, and the premise and your summary definitely make it sound like an interesting read. Added to the “maybe” list of books to read for me. 😊


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