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Blog Update

Hey there Everyone! How have you all been?

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Okay, so now I’m on twitter too! 😁

Hey Everyone, 
So I just signed up for a twitter account. I still don’t know how to use it optimally, but for starters, I need to follow people. And who better than my blogging community friends? 😊
So either follow me   @TheGirlOnTheGo8 


Comment your twitter handles below so that I can follow!  

See ya! 💖

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How to get your book sold : Tips and Tricks!

From all the obvious points to the not so obvious ones, today I’m going to tell you what are the key features that can make your book sell easy. Not all beginners get to bag a well known publisher, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your book out there, does it? All the points and tips mentioned below have been made from a reader as well as a reviewer’s point of view, so I believe these will be quite helpful if you are yet or about to publish your debut novel. Continue reading “How to get your book sold : Tips and Tricks!”