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Feature Fridays #3


Adorn your wall with this wonderful homemade map of Westeros, for all the Game of Thrones fans out there 🙂


Canvas board
Background acrylic paint of your choice (I chose green)
Stiff paper – Color of your choice (available at any craft store)
Elmer’s Glue
Black Sharpie

Paint your canvas with your color of choice. I chose a light leaf green. Let it dry overnight.
Print out a template of Westeros from Google, print and cut it out (this is what I used; Map Outline). Use it as an outline to draw on to your stiff paper ( I went with a dark gray paper to create a good contrast).
Cut out the outline from the paper.
Use the glue to stick the cut outs on your canvas. Smooth the paper evenly to avoid air pockets or bumps.



Enter the names of the different houses with the sharpie. Do a similar map for Essos as well. You can also get a bigger canvas and stick both on the same map. IMG_2533
You can also make 2 maps of Westeros, one at the beginning of the show and one after season 6. There will be crazy changes in which house owns what, that’s for sure.



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Weird things I do when I’m out of my mind!

Yep, I’m totally weird. Or should I say creepy?Anyway, so there are weird things I do when I’m absent minded, or furious, or really very sad.

Happiness has different effects on me. When I feel happy, weird is an understatement. Mad is the best word for that. People don’t really recognise me anymore.

Everything with me is extreme. Nothing’s in the middle. Continue reading “Weird things I do when I’m out of my mind!”