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Everybody Has A Love Story (Part 7)

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Connect with me on Facebook

Hi there everyone! So today I created a facebook page for this blog which I named “Thegirlonthego’s Blog“. So you can like my page and we can connect over there. Here’s the link : Continue reading “Connect with me on Facebook”


Quality is better than Quantity! 

A week ago, it was my birthday. The day that we all wait for eagerly. Because it’s your birthday, and only you know how special it is to you. But this year, I wasn’t much looking forward to it because my exams are going on. And even on my birthday, I had a difficult exam. But no matter what, when the clock was about to strike 12, just like Cinderella, I seemed to be in a hurry. I was suddenly feeling excited and looking forward to wishes from all of my friends. And then something happened that led to a realisation. Quality is indeed better than quantity. Continue reading “Quality is better than Quantity! “