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20 Reasons to visit Shillong, Meghalaya (Part one)

Shillong in Meghalaya, India is one of those places who never fails to mesmerise you with her daunting beauty and aesthetic satisfaction. Often referred to as ‘The Scotland of the East’, what makes Shillong even more special is her picturesque town bustling with jolly folks. Continue reading “20 Reasons to visit Shillong, Meghalaya (Part one)”

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Barren. As empty as that sounds, it’s worse when you discern it.



I considered myself lucky, for even though I lived in the city towered with high rise buildings, I could devour the Wild. Yes, there was a little vegetation behind my house on an empty plot.

And if you waited and carefully looked, Nature would surprise you with her daunting beauty with the lush green tranquility that soothed one’s eyes with a spellbinding magic.

The melodious chirrupings of birds of myriad kinds, a cuckoo’s calling from the nearest tree, or that brilliantly blue kingfisher perching casually on another. Yes, you could find birds of all kinds.

On rainy days, I curled up on my bed, watching the greenery and soaking in the petrichor emanating from the rain soaked trees, listening to the occasional singing of the birds and indulging in their delightful melody.

It was a wonder as to how could such an untouched place thrive among the world of concrete and traffic. But it did, quite magically. A place so out of the world that we boasted of having such a little treasure in our vicinity.

And yesterday, that magic, that serendipity, and that unworldly place ceased to exist. 

Yes, just gone in a poof. Like one minute it was there, and the very next it wasn’t. I was shattered, for the tallest tree, the abode to many nestlings, was uprooted by the monstrous tractor.

But a part of me was still thankful, for the others still stood cowering their heads in want of the forgiveness for their unknown crime.

Unfortunately today, everything changed. The place is barren now. I don’t hear the birds anymore, I don’t hear the rustling of leaves against the soft breeze because, well, there are none.

I know it’s just a matter of time before another high rise stands up in its place, suffocating me with the stench of cement and blocking the beautiful sight of the cobalt sky.
I had nothing to say as the land didn’t belong to me. Though they did their job even before we could realise.

I don’t know what will happen to us in the near future, and by us I mean human kind as a whole. Can’t we try the least to preserve and conserve the precious treasure God has gifted us in the form of Mother Nature?



*This post isn’t meant for being a six word story post. But while writing about this incident, this just popped into my mind. Thought it might just work as a message. *


I had spotted a taxi once, with its roof covered with grass and little pots of plants. I was amazed but then I thought he might be out for delivery of those plants.
Later, on social media I found an article on the same taxi and I learnt it wasn’t for delivery. It was his little way to preserve what he loved, a small tribute to the Nature who keeps all of us alive.
Do more people like him exist?