short horror story

Short Horror Stories (by me)

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I thought of doing something different. I’ll share some short horror stories. These are my ORIGINAL CREATIONS. I hope you enjoy them! 😀 And do give your feedback!!

 1. Closet

I walked into the dark closet. When I turned around, the door was gone. Continue reading “Short Horror Stories (by me)”

short story

A short story

Hey guys, today I present to you with a short story that I’ve written with all my heart. Hope you enjoy it!

Just like any other day, I was tired to the bones and returning home late. Well, I wouldn’t call it ‘home’ exactly. It was a small flat I used to live in this foreign country where I had my job. Away from home, I used to feel like a fish out of the water. Continue reading “A short story”