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Book Review : The Last Girl by Goldy Moldavsky

Story :

New girl Rachel Chavez is eager to make a fresh start at Manchester Prep. But as one of the few scholarship kids, Rachel struggles to fit in, and when she gets caught up in a prank gone awry, she ends up with more enemies than friends.

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5 movies to scare the daylights out of you!

We all love to have a good scare, especially when we are bored or have our friends over at our place. But what’s essential is that there has to be that scare factor that pins us to our seats, and makes it hard to go to the bathroom alone at night.
Here’s a list of 5 movies, which you might have missed but you shouldn’t. Have a look!

5. Oculus

In an attempt to prove that a mysterious, antique mirror destroyed her childhood, a sister bands together with her brother to Continue reading “5 movies to scare the daylights out of you!”