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Book Review : Three by Valerie Perrin

Title : Three
Author : Valerie Perrin
Publisher : Europa Editions
Pages : 512
Genre : Literary Fiction

Story :

1986: Adrien, Etienne and Nina are 10 years old when they meet at school and quickly become inseparable. They promise each other they will one day leave their provincial backwater, move to Paris, and never part.

2017: A car is pulled up from the bottom of the lake, a body inside. Virginie, a local journalist with an enigmatic past reports on the case while also reflecting on the relationship between the three friends, who were unusually close when younger but now no longer speak. . As Virginie moves closer to the surprising truth, relationships fray and others are formed.

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Review :

Can’t begin to explain what this book did to me. This is the first book that I actually annotated, and it felt so good, so wholesome!

Reading THREE was like peeping through a hole. You don’t really get the whole picture unless you’re brave enough to open the door all the way. THREE here is not just a number, it’s a feeling. They say there can only be two halves of a soul. I say, what if there are three instead?

Nina, Adrien and Etienne are bound together by an invisible thread that even they can’t sever, ever. Nina’s the heart, Etienne the leader and Adrien, well he’s something else.

I swear this book does things to you. It gets to you in a way that you can’t really shake off. It is emotionally raw, heart wrenching and often numbing. There’s a lot of love, a lot of pain and then there’s also a sort of healing.

And also, I was certainly not prepared for those climaxes and sudden revelations. THREE is the story of common life, tribulations, friendship, love, sacrifice, redemption and many other things. It is the other name for ‘Life happened.’

This is the second book that I’m reading from @europaeditionsuk, (the first one being The Lying Life Of Adults by none other than Elena Ferranté) and I must admit I absolutely freaking love everything they publish. The kind of books they offer to us readers is profoundly resonating and deeply personal.
I’m currently reading REMOTE SYMPATHY (also from Europa) and it’s no surprise that I’m enjoying that as well.


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