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How we changed: Then vs Now

Time changes. And so do we. And with that, things we do change too. With the advancement of technology, everything is different today! Let’s check out some of them.

1) Then: Diary  vs  Now: phone writer.


Do you remember the last time you wrote on a diary? Well, some of you may be still do, but I don’t remember my last time. Even journals are made online these days.


2) Then: Surprising people by visiting their homes  vs  Now: Calling beforehand.



It’s like taking permission before visiting so that you can avoid the stern and confused looks on their faces while invading their privacy.


3) Then: Going Out with friends to have fun  vs  Now: Going out with friends to upload pictures on social media.



Now c’mon, don’t tell me you never felt that way. It’s all about showing off these days. Of course there are exceptions.


4) Then: Writing letters vs Now: Sending a text


This change is too obvious. I mean, letters? Really?


5) Then: Playground vs Now: Playstation


Kids these days don’t really know what it feels like to play with a bunch of other kids in the open fields, under the sun.


6) Then: Sneaking out to go to the theatre vs Now: Waiting for 720p torrent.


Relate much?


7) Then: Television addict vs Now: Mobile addict.


How many of you still watch television the way you used to when you were a kid?


8) Then: Asking people to take our photos vs Now: Taking innumerable selfies.


It’s all about selfies these days. Do you still say, “Say cheese!” ?


9) Then: Excited for going shopping with friends and family vs Now: Stay home, shop online.


Why not save all that trouble with just a few clicks, huh?


10) Then: Sharing food with friends vs Now: Sharing hotspots.


We used to snatch each other’s food during recess. Now, we just ask for wifi, don’t we?
Everything has changed. Everything! There’s another point, but I didn’t add as it still has not completely changed. We loved (still love) the smell of books, but now, slowly but steadily, pdfs and ebooks are taking over.
I know these changes are just a few of the many.

So can you point out some other major changes? And how did you change? Would love to hear your thoughts! πŸ™‚

37 thoughts on “How we changed: Then vs Now”

  1. I think the present generation got too entranced with gorgeous gadgets and mesmerizing video displays to such an extent that they forgot information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, and wisdom is not foresight. Each grows out of the other, and we need them all. If one generation does not see how to absolutely solve things that are wrong today, another generation shall surely come to suffer from the same wrong things tomorrow.

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  2. I still keep my old journal. But these days, I prefer my online journal over the good, old ones. So much has changed. It’s like a revolution. I’m not one who takes many selfies. In fact, I uninstalled Instagram as a way of detox. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ I guess in the end, it’s up to each of us to control and/or limit the influence of social media and electronic gadgets…

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    1. I know right! Technology is not the bad guy here..I guess, we are..
      And I think what you did was great! Even I thought of quitting Facebook and whatsapp at one point, but never could as they are kinda necessary to know what’s happening in the world outside of my comfort shell, lol πŸ˜›
      But I do use them a lot lot lesser than before..it has actually been days since I logged in to my fb account.. πŸ˜›

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      1. I think my laziness to manage all those social media had a lot to do with why I quit Instagram. But you’re right – sometimes I find out more about what’s happening from my fb news feed!
        It’s ironic. Unlike a decade ago, people are much more closer to contact but I don’t know if we’re all really using the technology to really stay connected.. this topic can make us think a lot about modern life in general!!!

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  3. I still love all the things we use to do when we were kids. Playing outdoors, writing letters etc. I hope those days come back as they were the best days. Electronic advancement have ruined the childhood fun nowadays..

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  4. So true! You pointed the points out so well!😁 I hope all of these can change. While technology has connected us to people who are far away, it has also made us distant from the ones who are actually beside us.πŸ˜–


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