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5 ways to tell if it’s love or just a mere crush!

There was a time, when I had been asking you all for the definition of Love. Do you remember?

If not, then you can check out this post. Anyway, the point is, it wasn’t like I had no idea what love is. Ii just wanted to know what y’all feel. Against the high standards set by movies and tv shows, it’s kinda difficult to actually fall for any guy/girl in reality. But we still do, don’t we? But most of the times, we are unsure if what we feel is the real deal or just a mere infatuation?

That’s what this post is about, stating a few very objective differences between the two.

Because you know, a crush has a validity period, while love doesn’t.

 1. If you keep trying to look your best everytime you meet him/her, and feel depressed when you end up looking bad, IT’S NOT LOVE :



In love, you really don’t care about how you look. You just try to make him/her fall for who you are in the inside. You want him/her to actually know you and love you for who you are, even without makeup.

 2. If you keep seeking his/her attention all the time and feel depressed when he/she spends time with others, IT’S DEFINITELY A CRUSH :



If you actually love that person, you would always want to be around him. The presence of others won’t matter. But always seeking his/her individual attention, resulting in clingy behavior would only mean that the person is merely a crush.

3. If you never worry about money when you go out with him/her, IT’S LOVE :


Money comes first. Well, no. Not if you are actually in love. You wouldn’t care how much is in your purse as long as you can buy gifts and treat your bae to make him/her happy!

4. If your attention flickers even for a second towards a more attractive guy/girl, IT’S JUST A CRUSH :

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While beauty can attract you and make you praise it, you can’t swoon over another man/woman if you are actually in love with your bae. That’s the deal.

 5. If Lust never takes over you, IT’S LOVE :



Love is so much more than just having physical contact. Just being with your bae is what matters the most. Even a little peck on the cheek or forehead and a warm hug would make you feel so much more in love!

Okay , so may be this was a stupid post. But I think a little stupidity is good for health. Though I do believe that these points are legit. Hope this helps. 

Do you agree? What other ways do you suggest to bring out the difference?

Keep loving!


TheGirlOnTheGo β™‘


32 thoughts on “5 ways to tell if it’s love or just a mere crush!”

  1. I’ve come to realise that we often mistake infatuation for love. So I hardly ever use the word now, it’s too big, too much emotion, too misused. But sometimes infatuation leads to love right, so it’s a little hard to differentiate, because we feel everything all at once occasionally. Though the points you have mentioned surely strike a difference. πŸ™‚

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  2. I commend your bravery in breaking down what you feel the difference is between love and lust. It’s brave in that you definitely leave yourself open with a post like this in terms of those who simply don’t agree and could potentially drag you into a debate.

    I neither agree nor disagree with what you say because I’ve come to the realisation that love is not a set of yes/no, black/white, wrong/right parameters. Every person experiences love on their own way. For example, most will likely feel that love can only truly be felt on a monogamous level, but can we really question a person whose heart yearns for more than one person at a time?

    It seems there are rules when it comes to love of a romantic nature and that, to me, makes it immediately artificial. If love is a natural thing then it should happen naturally. If we use consciousness to try to control love and those who we allegedly feel love for then that, to me, smacks of anything but love. It smacks of possessiveness and jealousy. Neither of those are traits conducive to love. IN MY OPINION, of course.

    I’m conclusion, I think love is what the individual makes it and that we as people need to start shedding the social construct that love has become over the years. The way things are going I feel we’re heading into a mire of people marrying and reproducing solely for the sake of it because the rules surrounding love are becoming so restricting. It’ll eventually become a state requirement and love will be something completely fabricated as opposed to felt.

    Apologies for waxing lyrical. You posted this at a time when I’ve been musing a lot about love. Great post and I’ll definitely catch up with the other stuff of yours that I’ve missed soon πŸ™‚

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    1. I’m glad I earned some bravery points! Thanks..and oh yeah, I totally agree how controversial the subject is..may be that’s why I brought it up in the first place..haha..
      And I totally respect your views, just wanted to put up something in a fun way..and I did mention the post kinda ended being a ‘stupid’ one.. lol
      And thank you, nice to hear from you after such a long time!


      1. It wasn’t stupid at all. I like people voicing their thoughts on subjects like this. Why shouldn’t you? I certainly don’t feel bad about airing my views. That’s the beauty of freedom of thought/speech πŸ™‚ You talk a lot of sense because you talk about what your ideas are on love rather than the social construct love has become. Love is an emotion and, therefore, impossible to set barriers and provisos on across the board. You can only set your own rules and hope you meet someone who’s rules sort of match your own.

        As I say, I plan to catch up with your posts; especially your story. I’ll get around to it soon.


  3. Oh I miss this! This seems so long ago for us (14 years).

    With my hubby, I felt my heart race and my palms were sweaty. I became clumsy and couldn’t think about anything else. I think they call that love at first sight haha. And at the time I didn’t know it! Xx

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