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Book Review : The Earlie King and the Kid in Yellow by Danny Denton

Title : The Earlie King and the Kid in Yellow

Author : Danny Denton

Publisher : Granta Publications

Pages : 355

ISBN : 978-1-78378-365-6

Story :
Ireland is flooded, derelict. It never stops raining. The Kid in Yellow has stolen the babba from the Earlie King. Why? Something to do with the King’s daughter, and a talking statue, something godawful. And from every wall the King’s Eye watches. And yet the city is full of hearts-defiant-sprayed in yellow, the mark of the Kid. It cannot end well. Can it?

Review :

It’s always raining in Ireland. It rains so much that the pitter patter of the raindrops can almost be considered as the heartbeat of the godforsaken country. People wear raincoats as regular clothes that are termed as ‘skins’. These skins have become a part of the being of the desolate souls living in the drenched land.

The Earlie King, or the gangster in power to be real, rules this land along with his Earlie boys to run his errands. He has little boys as runners as a medium of communication amongst his boys. One such kid in yellow has caught the King’s daughter’s eye and now that she’s dead, he is left with her babba (baby).

And then there’s this reporter, the one who has a record of all the sins committed in this fallen city. He’s after the boy now, for he knows the kid in yellow has the greatest story to tell.

This story starts off in a gray pursuit, yet it has all the hues leaking in places unexpected. The kid is a revolution marking the beginning of an end as he goes on spraying the Country yellow.

I haven’t read that many dystopian fictions but this one stands out for sure. It’s not what you would call mainstream. The narration is poetic and almost distracted in pieces. To be honest, it was a little hard to keep track as the story shaped up in bits and pieces, going back and forth from present to past. So it took time for me to settle in, but once I did, I became a part of it.

The prose is a rather rare form of art that the author has used to build this futuristic, dystopian world with. His imagination has taken an atypical turn to give us a perspective on a reflective world unknown to the greater mass.

Through the eyes of the broken souls, and also through the interluding appearance of the creature of the dark, Mister Violence, an extraordinary, dark tale slowly unfolds only to speak of a world uncannily bizarre and unmistakably distraught.

I would rate this book 4.2 out of 5 Stars. This book might not sound like to be for everyone, but if you venture into it, you will be able to taste its rich delicacy of literature and indulge in a story that has so many shades to it. For a debut novel, The Earlie King and the Kid in Yellow is starkly dark, creative and subtle!

As an extra point, I would like to focus your attention towards its remarkable cover that has the perfect elements to depict the story. A boy in yellow holding a baby. He has the city burning within him and its raining in the background. The cover couldn’t be any more apt!



Thanks to the publisher for a copy! ❤️



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  1. I am interested to read it. The review intrigues me to do so. I really love rainy season and I want to know how the life with raining all the time

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