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Feature Fridays #6

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Life is too short not only for regrets but also for finding faults in others. Appreciating others is the best quality one can have. Referring to how positively you are leading life and finding beauty in the qualities of your loved ones. A little thank you and appreciating others for what they have done, may not make a big difference in your life but that gives a whole new meaning of life and happiness with self confidence whom you appreciate!! Appreciating others adds value to your life and reveals how humble and loveable person you are!!


10 thoughts on “Feature Fridays #6”

    1. That’s really simple actually! Just send me a write up via email or the contact form on my contact page. Initially, the limit was only a 100 words but now after being done with all the posts that I have received, I will start Friday feature all over again relaxing that limit. So you can send me your entry already, which I’ll post after being done with all the 100 words entries that I have already received! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I saw that Saturday morning while working. This man came to me and was in a fury that there was a price difference in drink was so surreal..and for a few hours I was like..REALLY!!! and then it hit me later, this angry bitter man was giving me a gift. I have left a highly abusive situation and at times I say to myself “I needed to do this or that better”. And then I saw the lesson of this fuming man presented to me..he was showing me one thing and in it was a question..”do you want to go back to it, do you want to end up like this..think about it”. He showed me what fear and hate do and if I gave the notion my valuable time, well essentially I would end up like him.
    I probably mudged this up, but I hope my point got across. He ended up being a positive for me..because in the past I have bowed my head and agreed that I was trash. He did what scared, mean people do who are losing their grip on those they abuse, on those who have broken away. Abusers never want you to see what you really are..magnificent.
    Victory, because I spoke the truth and he reminded me in his crude way how strong I am, how far I have come by choice and how great I am doing and so on the path, so on the path.

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